Global Carbon

ALT Trading’s CEO Aad Timmerman is the acting chief representative of gCCEx Europe. gCCEx is a unique platform that consults companies around the world in acquiring regulatory and verified carbon credits.

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The solution to the ever-growing manure processing problem in the world! We offer you the solution with our patented manure processing process from Green Pig Solutions. Interested? For more information, take a look at our website

Real Estate

Over the past decades, ALT Trading has acquired extensive experience within the real estate market. We have a strong base in The Netherlands and operate worldwide with well-established partners.

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Whether you are in the market for rough or cut diamonds, ALT Trading is your business partner. We work with the best polishers in the world and at competitive prices. Read more »


We specialize in making this high-quality active surface coating. This coating is activated by outdoor light and also artificial light. For more information, visit:


With decades of experience, ALT Trading has established a strong foothold in the oil market. We excel in buying and selling both crude and refined oils, leveraging our expertise to navigate this complex industry. Trust us for reliable transactions and efficient supply chain management in the dynamic world of oil trading.

In a world where waste processing poses an escalating challenge, ALT Trading steps up with multiple solutions. Through our innovative approaches, we tackle waste management head-on, offering sustainable and efficient methods. From recycling initiatives to waste-to-energy projects, we are committed to making a positive impact and transforming the way waste is handled. Read more »


As a trusted supplier, we source raw materials from Africa and South East Asia, including copper, silver, gold, palladium, and platinum. Our expertise extends to gold refining in collaboration with partners in Europe and the USA. Count on us for reliable access to these valuable resources and seamless refining capabilities.

Our expertise lies in the import and export of diverse fish species, with a particular focus on the daily importation of Sashimi tuna. With swift and reliable transportation, we ensure the freshest catch is flown in regularly. Trust us to handle your seafood needs and deliver the highest quality fish to your doorstep.

4allcharge pioneers convenient electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure by offering the first-ever solution with a hassle-free payment system. With a simple PIN or credit card transaction, EV users can access charging stations effortlessly. This breakthrough innovation ensures seamless charging experiences, promoting widespread EV adoption and fostering a sustainable transportation ecosystem. For more information, visit:

CO2 Panels

We create CO2 panels, also known as carbon dioxide panels. These are innovative and sustainable solutions for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. These panels capture CO2 from the atmosphere and convert it into useful materials, such as construction blocks or biofuels.


We build high quality bungalows. From their meticulously crafted architecture to the finest materials used, every detail is thoughtfully designed. These single-story dwellings offer spacious living areas, abundant natural light, and serene outdoor spaces, creating an idyllic retreat where luxury and tranquility seamlessly blend.


At MC FUTURE TRADING PETROL, we’re dedicated to fuel delivery and superior customer service. We recognize global challenges like resource scarcity, conflicts, and economic shifts. That’s why we’ve chosen to establish our presence in Turkey, a neutral trading nation. Through strong partnerships and a global network, we provide efficient fuel solutions. Join us and experience a fuel partner that goes beyond transactions, focusing on lasting partnerships that empower your business.

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