ALT Trading’s CEO Aad Timmerman is the acting chief representative of gCCEx Europe. gCCEx is a unique platform that consults companies around the world in acquiring regulatory and verified carbon credits.

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The solution to the ever-growing manure processing problem in the world! We offer you the solution with our patented manure processing process from Green Pig Solutions. Interested? For more information, take a look at our website

Over the past decades, ALT Trading has acquired extensive experience within the real estate market. We have a strong base in The Netherlands and operate worldwide with well-established partners.

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Whether you are in the market for rough or cut diamonds, ALT Trading is your business partner. We work with the best polishers in the world and at competitive prices. Read more »

In our world, waste processing is a growing problem. At ALT Trading we provide several solutions. Read more »

We supply of raw materials from Africa and South East Asia such as radium, rodium, copper, chromium, silver, platinum and gold. With gold, we have the ability to refine with our partners in Europe and USA. For more information please visit Read more »

We handle the import and export of various fish species but specialize in the import of Sashimi tuna which we fly in daily.