ALT Trading B.V. is an international trading compagnie. We trade globally in consumer products, promotional products, oil, storage, waste, electricity transformers, diamonds, real estate such as hotels. We also operate as mediator by connecting corporations and governments. Since 1991, our board has been able to conduct and facilitate many business opportunities with much pleasure and place a Dutch flag on many international projects.

Led by our CEO Aad Timmerman – who can be regarded as an expert in Asia and has gained most of his experience in China where first visited in 1979 – he managed to establish his first import/export company and build the business to what it is today. Mr. Timmerman also provides seminars and consults as interim manager in several departments.

We work and maintain a high level of business to guide businesses and governments to where their projects thrive best. Currently, we operate in several import/export projects between Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Our portfolio holds a variety of expertise such as road construction, dredging projects, mining and waste processing. We also act as an agency for consumer goods and food products.

With our view of the future, we can help your company to excel! Please feel free to contact us and find out what we can do for you.

Aad Timmerman

Chief Executive Officer
Aad Timmerman is the founder of the company and started the business in 1970.