International Trading Compagnie by connecting corporations and governments

Why ALT Trading?

ALT Trading B.V. is an international compagnie that operates as a mediator by connecting corporations and governments. Since 1991, our board has been able to conduct and facilitate many business opportunities with much pleasure and place a Dutch flag on many international projects.

What we do

Global Carbon

ALT Trading’s CEO Aad Timmerman is the acting chief representative of gCCEx Europe. gCCEx is a unique platform that consults companies around the world in acquiring regulatory and verified carbon credits.

The solution to the ever-growing manure processing problem in the world! We offer you the solution with our patented manure processing process from Greenpick Solutions.

Real Estate

Over the past decades, ALT Trading has acquired extensive experience within the real estate market. We have a strong base in The Netherlands and operate worldwide with well-established partners.

4allcharge pioneers convenient electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure by offering the first-ever solution with a hassle-free payment system. With a simple PIN or credit card transaction, EV users can access charging stations effortlessly. This breakthrough innovation ensures seamless charging experiences, promoting widespread EV adoption and fostering a sustainable transportation ecosystem. For more information, visit:


We specialize in making this high-quality active surface coating. This coating is activated by outdoor light and also artificial light. For more information, visit:


As a trusted supplier, we source raw materials from Africa and South East Asia, including copper, silver, gold, palladium, and platinum. Our expertise extends to gold refining in collaboration with partners in Europe and the USA. Count on us for reliable access to these valuable resources and seamless refining capabilities.