International Trading Compagnie by connecting corporations and governments

Why ALT Trading?

ALT Trading B.V. is an international compagnie that operates as a mediator by connecting corporations and governments. Since 1991, our board has been able to conduct and facilitate many business opportunities with much pleasure and place a Dutch flag on many international projects.

What we do

The solution to the ever-growing manure processing problem in the world! We offer you the solution with our patented manure processing process from Greenpick Solutions.

We supply of raw materials such as radium, rodium, copper, chromium, silver, platinum and gold.

Whether you are in the market for rough or cut diamonds, ALT Trading is your business partner. We work with the best polishers in the world and at competitive prices.

In our world, waste processing is a growing problem. At ALT Trading we provide several solutions.

Fireworks has been a fundamental part of ALT Trading since 1972. Over the years, we have grown into a well-established brand in the field of fireworks and gained a substantial amount of experience.

We handle the import of various fish species but specialize in the import of Sashimi tuna which we fly in daily.